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Sete Gibernau Quotes

I needed some stability, which is why I chose not to change from HRC for this season, which was an option that we had. Apart from being the best team in the world, I also needed some consistency.

I've always like roadracing, but you know how it is in a family when you're young. They thought it was a little too dangerous so I started with Trials riding.

In Malaysia where the front end pushes so much, extra engine braking is really going to help you.

It's quite easy to start Trials riding. You just need a bike and you're set.

So while I was studying, I rode my Trials bike, then I moved to roadracing.

The rider and the team need to understand one another and work in the same direction. Then the rider's happy, and only then will the rider be able to give 100%.

We've done all the work that HRC wanted on the twin and the project has been completed. We were consistently up there with the top guys and that is what HRC wanted to prove.

With roadracing, it takes a lot more time and money.