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Shannon Miller Quotes

At an Olympics Game, you want to enjoy it, especially if you know it's going to be your last one.

At the Olympics, you there to do a job. I feel you should take it seriously. You should be respectful. You are putting on the red-white-and-blue and going out there to perform for your country.

Charles Barkley, I used to watch him growing up. Then I met him. He was a big teddy bear.

Everyone has obstacles, and you're not going to have the right answer or do the right thing every single time.

Floor exercise, the longest you run is two or three steps. In the vault, it's not a whole lot more than that.

For the most part I'll probably do floor exercise and balance beam. Those are the two things that I do.

Gymnastics is the type of sport where you can't take something that gives you more energy. Something may be great for the vault, but then you have the bars after it and you have to be more sedate for that.

Gymnastics uses every single part of your body, every little tiny muscle that you never even knew.

I can now successfully drive a stick. That's a huge accomplishment.

I don't think I have the mileage on me to really complain of any injuries yet.

I got into law school to supplement my business background. I'm not planning to practice law.

I love performing in front of an audience and seeing smiles on the kids' faces.

I think it's really important to look at the big picture instead of just one competition.

I thought about running a marathon a long time ago, but I'm just not a runner.

I want to bring more gymnastics on television.

I was always athletic and I could do a lot of things.

I will be talking with gymnasts from some of the other countries. I will be getting a feel for what they're thinking and what they're doing. It should be a really great meet.

I'm a competitor. I really enjoyed the race more than just going out and running to run.

I'm an athlete rep, so I'll be available if they need me for anything.

I'm coming up on 30. There are other things that I want to pursue outside of just performing.