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Skeet Ulrich Quotes

Ambiguity in directors is a hard thing to deal with.

Any time I got in emotional turmoil, I felt sick all the time, like at any minute I would die.

As a kid I used to pretend I was John Denver, of all people, and play the guitar and sing Take Me Home, Country Roads.

As an actor, you want to keep your demons to some extent, but you also have to exorcise them so you can use them instead of them using you.

Because of the need to remove all modernism, we stayed in the middle of nowhere all day long, living out of tents. It was cold. It definitely set the scene.

Everybody else has been seen, been proven.

Everyone's really lazy in L.A.

I didn't even go to my prom. I didn't have one date in high school.

I don't use the techniques I learned at NYU much anymore.

I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin, especially when people start questioning me.

I get to play a killer next.

I grew up in a small farming town called Concord, outside Charlotte in North Carolina.

I guess I'm a little charmed. I never thought this would happen so quick.

I had gone to school to study marine biology.

I scored a 910 on my SAT. I didn't care about education. I don't know what I cared about.

I think I'm extremely vulnerable and that in some ways I seek out rejection. Never feeling like you're getting that pat on the back from dad is probably at the heart of that.

I think people could justify labeling me if they saw a pattern in what I do, but right now that's impossible.

I think when someone becomes an actor, people say, Aw, you could see it in him when he was little. But I think you can see that quality in every little kid.

I think you have to refill the well at some point.

I was nicknamed Skeeter in Little League because I was small and fast, like a mosquito flying across the outfield.