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Steven Gerrard Quotes

Against Juventus we were massive underdogs, so to beat them was fantastic.

But I it doesn't matter who scores the goals so long as we win.

But I think the Champions League Final puts a massive pressure on every player and the manager, but we're enjoying the pressure and hopefully we can go there and win it.

Even now I can say I'd love to finish my career here, and then stay in the game after that.

Hopefully it'll give us a bit of luck on the night, but I'm not really a superstitious person.

I listen to the phone-ins on the way home and I know how the fans feel.

I share their frustration at times and I get down just like them when we suffer a bad result.

I think every player listens out for his name being sung and it's something I really enjoy.

I think it all goes down to who plays the better football on the night.

I think we've got a lot players in the squad who are more suited to European football at the moment.

I watched Italia '90 with my Mum and Dad and my brother, you know, leaping around the house when the penalties were on... It would be great to be part of that, to have that kind of impact.

I'm a fan myself and I'm frustrated just as much as them when we get beat.

I've got absolutely no intention of ever going to play at another club.

It will be a dream come true if I can go there and lift it.

The Champions League is the competition everyone wants to be in.

The fans have played a massive part in getting us to where we are, but the job's not finished.

The odds were against us, but we deserve to be where we are.

There's no doubt that the squad needs strengthening if we are to get back up among the top three because they are operating on another level to us at the moment.

This club is all about winning trophies and we've got a chance of bringing the greatest trophy of them all back to Anfield, so it means a great deal obviously.

To me it's the best trophy you can win and to bring it back for all them fans that have supported us right through would be something special.