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Victoria Jackson Quotes

Are Christians too stupid that we can't write a script, we can't film a movie OR we don't know how to act?

Because I hate fake people and I always think I'm never fake.

But if you believe in Christ and that your main goal with your life is supposed to be to honor Him and do His will, then you don't have as much pressure as someone who bases all their happiness on whether they're a movie star.

I always dreamed of being Maria in The Sound of Music.

I always wanted to be on a sitcom.

I cried when I heard Johnny Carson died.

I got a gymnastics scholarship to college, fell in love with my true love of my whole life - who I'm married to now - and he was a virgin too. It was very romantic.

I remember going to church about four times a week. I liked it a lot.

I stayed a virgin until I was 23. I didn't do drugs or drink or smoke.

I think abortion is murder.

I think the reason they cast me as the good girls is because they couldn't find any in Hollywood.

I thought it was a really good contrast to have a really sweet, sincere, church girl sitting next to the church lady who seemed kind of, you know, over the top.

I was the only Christian on the cast, but that was cool because we all respected each others talent and mostly they respected me a lot even though I was the only Christian.

I wasn't really qualified to be on Saturday Night Live - I'm not like an impressionist or anything.

I've had a lot of struggles and I would be in a lot of trouble, I think, if I wasn't a Christian.

I've never been in the music industry, only acting.

It doesn't make your life stop being fun to be a Christian.

It was the best job I ever had. I just left because my whole team was leaving and the new guys were coming.

Maybe entertainment is not supposed to be reality.

Maybe I'll learn how, but the only thing I can do is turn down parts that would hurt my conscience.