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Wellington Mara Quotes

I always root for the defense.

I think when the bottom started to drop out, we didn't recognize it.

In trying to scramble out of a hole, it sometimes digs it deeper.

Just as it had taken centuries to determine the true nature of the universe, so also the search for the beginning of human life proceeded well into the 20th century.

Maybe since I was 35 years old it was time to go upstairs.

Pop knew absolutely nothing about pro football.

Self-justification is a treacherous servant.

The Church does not pretend to be scientists. It teaches based upon what science tells it.

The Church has never changed its teaching on the sanctity of human life - it didn't make up a rule for the convenience of a particular time like a rule at a country club as the Governor would have us believe.

These days I'm pretty much a businessman.

We didn't readjust our thinking or rebuild quick enough.

You can believe that he was taught to love and respect all mankind - but to fear no man.